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Fundamentals of Weapon Mechanics in Unity
Learn the fundamentals of how a first person shooter weapon operates by incorporating animations, audio clips and scripting.
Fundamentals of FPS UI Design
Learn how to build UI elements for your first person shooter including crosshairs, ammo counts, damage indicators, mini-maps and more.
Creating Game Asset Concept Art
Learn to creating a basic game asset concept art from the initial sketches to the final polish! This asset can then be seen taken into 3D...
Using Game Assets in Unity
Learn how to integrate your 3d models and textures in Unity to be used as a prop or interactive prefab in your game.
Fundamentals of Game Publishing
Learn the fundamentals of how to build for PC, Mobile, and Web platforms using a variety of tools and built-in settings in Unity.
Fundamentals of UI Design
Learn the fundamentals of UI in Unity by creating a menu system and scrollable map with buttons, images, text, input fields and toggles.
Developing a Tower Defense Game
Learn how to build a complete tower defense game in Unity using 3d models, C# and UI elements
Mobile 2D Space Shooter
Learn how to build mobile controls for a 2D Space Shooter game
Fundamentals of Multiplayer Games
Learn the fundamentals of networking by building a simple party game in Unity
Developing Weather FX for Games
Learn how to build custom weather fx for your game environments
Game C# Programming Bootcamp
Learn C# game programming for Unity from the ground up in this epic Unity Training Course. In this Unity video tutorial learn to play ani...
Real Time Rendering in HDRP with Unity 2019
Learn how to properly light a Scifi environment with area lights, emissive materials and post processing within an HDRP ready project in...
Creating a 2.5D Side Scroller Game in Unity
Learn how to build a 2.5D Side Scroller game in Unity 2018 using animations and low poly assets created in Blender. Use 3d models with 2D...
Augmented Reality Development Kit
Augmented Reality is one half of the "cross reality" field also known as XR. While VR brings you into a virtual world, AR brings the digi...
Intro to Retopology with the RetopoFlow Add-on
RetopoFlow is an add-on designed for Blender artists. Using only Blender's default tools, retopology can be a terribly tedious process wi...
Introduction to 2D Perspective.
The art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface can be rather complicated. With this course we go through the ability to dr...
Create a Rocketship Video Game in Unity
This game project is aimed at beginners who want to learn how to build a simple rocketship game using low poly assets and simple scripts.
Introduction to Retopology
In this CG Cookie training course, Jonathan gives you a complete introduction to the Blender basics in retopology.
Creating a Looping Corridor
In these seven lessons you will be exposed to a Blender workflow for modeling and animating a looping corridor tunnel scene in Blender. T...
The Blender & Substance Texturing Workflow
Substance Painter and Substance Designer are excellent programs that are specifically made for texturing. Designer allows you to build co...
Creating a Realistic 3D Photo Scanned Pumpkin
In this Blender tutorial course, we’ll be using Meshroom, a free photogrammetry software, and Blender 3D to create a realistic 3D scanned...