Hi there, 👋 I'm Kent Trammell

Blender Lead Instructor

Every day I learn and teach stuff about the wide world of computer graphics.

I've been doing digital art professionally for over 10 years including feature film work, 3D amusement park rides, TV commercials, major YouTube channels, and CGC courses.

When I'm not on the computer I'm dad, husband, wannabe cinephile, avid hobbyist, Rocket League & Smash Bros Melee enthusiast. 

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Ideally this will show only courses Kent is an author of.

Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting with Blender
Learn all the essential tools, features, and techniques about sculpting with Blender. This tutorial course will lay the foundation of using Blender's sculpt mode, applying that knowledge to sculpt a shark creature, so that you then sculpt anything you want.
Styling and Shading Realistic Hair
Creating realistic CG hair is often a huge challenge, but with the right techniques it can become fairly easy. By following along with this course, you'll learn how to style hair based on regions of the human scalp (like a hairdresser), as well as tweak the particle settings and Cycles shaders to get as close to realism as possible.
Fundamentals of Compositing
Compositing in Blneder is an optimizational workflow for minimizing render iterations while maximizing your render output's editability. It's essentially the concept of separating your render into individual components that can be reconstructed and tweaked independently after rendering.
Texturing & Shading a Stylistic Character
With this course, you will develop a solid foundation of shading principles supported by basic scientific observation. This in turn will prepare you to tackle your future shading tasks with confidence.
Creating Hair Cards for Realtime Characters
Discover a technique for generating realistic hair styles for realtime application, like video games. This workflow utilizes Blender's particle hair system along with Bezier curves to deliver a non-destructive hair card creation and grooming process. Create AAA hair like the pros!
Short Film Character Production
This course is an extensive journey through the entire 3D animation process. You will learn how to model the avian "Piero" character, paint him, rig him, animate him, and finally render him out as a finished short film. NOTE: The 3D animation process isn't easy or quick. This course is recommended for advanced users.