Hi there, 👋 I'm Kent Trammell

A Lead Blender Instructor here at CG Cookie.

What am I teaching lately?

My latest Blender course is SESSIONS: Macro. It includes  6 unique projects based on close-up photorealism.

Macro is the second course in the SESSIONS series about creating more projects in less time. 


I love learning and teach stuff about the wide world of computer graphics.

My 14-year career as a digital artist includes feature film work, 3D amusement park rides, TV commercials, major YouTube channels, and Blender courses for CGC. I'm a generalist that enjoys the entire animation pipeline. But modeling, sculpting, characters, texturing, materials, and rendering are my strongest skills.

When I'm not pushing pixels around I'm dad, husband, wannabe cinephile, avid hobbyist, Rocket League & Smash Bros Melee try-hard.

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