A series of Blender courses about creative expansion and efficient workflow

Starting in 2023

Sessions brings you rapid, skill-building exercises

SESSIONS is a new kind of tutorial course that flips the paradigm. Rather than diving deep into a 30-hour tutorial course that covers one complex project, SESSIONS is about creating as many projects as possible in short succession.

It's common that learners don't have the time or stamina to complete huge projects. Kent Trammell has designed SESSIONS to be an effective solution. Faster creation, higher project output, expanded creative boundaries, accelerated skill development.

Sessions 1: Minimalism

Learn to create less with more.

Explore Minimalism

Sessions 2: MACRO

Get closer and narrow your focus

Explore MACRO

A wide variety of styles

Computer graphics offers us limitless creative potential, especially with Blender as its premier free and open source tool. SESSIONS aims to explore as many themes, aesthetics, and genres as possible. From simplified graphical styles, to abstract looping patterns, epic sci-fi spaces, intimate interiors, and close-up photorealism…there’s so much we can create in two hours!

2-Hour Sessions

We define a “session” as a two-hour creation period. It’s the right amount of time to make something substantial while also a reasonably available slot for most people. Whether you have two hours per day or two-hours per week, each project session is designed specifically for this brief time slot.

Courses will be released throughout 2023

Each course is devoted to a theme and several unique projects. The first release will be “Minimalism” featuring 7 projectss. Instructor Kent Trammell will be releasing courses sequentially through 2023 and likely into 2024, maybe longer; maybe indefinitely. Akin to his Art of Sculpting and Shader Forge courses, it would be fitting to update SESSIONS courses with new projects for years to come.