Hi there, 👋 I'm Jonathan Lampel

Blender Instructor and Tool Developer

I'm one of the 3D instructors here at CG Cookie and I also work on tools that make Blender easier to use.

I've been using Blender for just over a decade and, while I'm happy to nerd out about any part of it, I especially enjoy the topics of modeling, shading, layout, and dynamics. 

Check out my most popular Blender courses

BLENDER 3 BASICS: Intro to Blender
If you're new to Blender, want a refresh of the basics, or need a primer to Blender 3 you've come to the right place. This crash course will take you through the essentials of Blender, the world's coolest 3d software.
PRESS START: Your Simple First Blender Project
Blender beginners, this project is made for you: practice basic Blender workflows like modeling, texturing and lighting. Create your very own Blender model and learn the essentials of 3d creating. PRESS START.
POTHEAD: Create a Hard Surface Character in Blender
With an adorable old robot as your guide, learn how to create a Blender character, step-by-step in this deep-dive course. Workflows include hard surface, subdiv modeling, hand painted texturing and procedural textures.
Fundamentals of Texturing in Blender
How does texturing work in Blender? From image textures and mapping to PBR and procedural texturing, this video course will teach you how to texture any 3d model.
Fundamentals of 3D Mesh Modeling in Blender
How can you start 3D modeling in Blender? This tutorial course will take you through all the essential mesh modeling workflows and useful Blender tools. Included is a mini-project for practice, plus a graded modeling exercise.
Fundamentals of Blender Materials and Shading
In this Blender course, learn how to create materials and shaders. Whether you're going for a stylized or realistic look, this 40-lesson course with a practice Blender exercise will teach you how to do it.
Fundamentals of Digital Lighting in Blender
In this course about the fundamentals of digital lighting, we’re going to look at how light works, how it’s simulated in Blender's Cycles and Eevee, and how you can use it to make your renders look amazing.
Animating First Person Character Weapons in Blender
This Blender tutorial course will show you exactly how to animate all the actions needed for a first-person shooter game, from simply standing around to complex actions like reloading and transforming the rifle into a cool sniper.
Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp
In this beginner Blender training course, you'll learn a slew of mesh editing and selection tools, as well as how to use them to create good topology. By the end of these tutorials, you should be able to model anything that you set your mind to.