Hi there, 👋 I'm Wayne Dixon

Blender Animation Instructor

G'day! I'm Wayne from Australia, the Animation and Rigging instructor around these parts.

I first discovered Blender in the early 2000s and was enthralled with the capabilities of this open-source software. After a few years of messing about for fun, I realized I had a real passion for character animation and rigging and turned my hobby into a career using Blender.

If you have a passion for animation and/or rigging, I will help you fuel that passion.

Check out my Blender courses

Ideally this will show only courses Kent is an author of.

Demystifying Lip Sync Animation in Blender
"Lip Sync" is the art of animating a character's mouth to sync with an audio clip so the character appears to talk. In this course, you'll learn the ins and outs of lip sync animation with Blender, including 3 new rigs for practice!
Directing The Camera in Blender
In this Blender course about directing a camera, learn about real-world physics about how cameras work, concepts from still photography as well as cinematography - and get to practice the essential camera techniques.
Acting for Animators
Processional animator and actor, Wayne Dixon, goes way beyond other tutorials to teach fundamental acting skills within the context of 3D character animation with Blender. This course assumes you know how to move your character. Now it's time to focus on why you're moving your character.