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PANELS will give you a thorough education in Grease Pencil.

Throughout the Blender tutorial, you will use grease pencil to create a comic book and at the end you will have everything you need to render your work into a printable comic.

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My name is Paul and I have got a passion for 2D illustration, storyboarding, and comics.

My history with Blender stretches way back to dabbling with the 1.8x series, where incremental saves and backups were just part of working with it because there was NO UNDO!

More recently, however, I began experimenting with 3D for 2D solutions to help me with comics, storyboarding, and illustration work. With the recent advent of the Grease Pencil tool, my workflow has been completely revolutionized. If you would like to learn how to master the Grease Pencil, check out my course PANELS right here on CG Cookie!

If you have an interest in exploring the 2D capabilities of Blender, I’m here to guide you!