Production Design with Blender 2.8 and Eevee

Get up to speed with Blender 2.8 and its ground-breaking realtime render engine, Eevee. In this Blender 2.8 video tutorial, Ethan Snell takes you deep into the details about Eevee's lighting and material capabilities along with a cubic ton of tips and tricks.
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Create Rigged Grease Pencil Animations in Blender test

Discover the powerful potential of Blender 2.8's grease pencil and rigging systems for 2D animation. The aesthetic of hand drawn animation with the efficiency of armatures and vertex groups, this approach bridges the gap between 2D and 3D animation.

Test: Exploring the Blender Fracture Modifier

Fracture is a new physics modifier for Blender that's been in development for some time. It hopes to become an official feature some time in the 2.8 series, but for now it remains experimental.

The Color Course Title

The first half of our color course deals with understanding what color is, how we will be working with color, and the terms associated with color.

Creating Procedural Sand Dunes with Blender 2.8

Stuck in a desert on a mesh object with no name? This course is your guide to a fast, realistic desert environment.

Fundamentals of Lighting in Unity

Learn the fundamentals of global illumination in Unity. Adjust ambient lighting, skyboxes, lightmaps then take a look at the individual lights to improve the mood of your game.