Bug Bots: Hard Surface Creature Creation in Blender

Chris Bailey

Welcome to Bug Bots, the coolest course on micro insect robots you've ever seen! Project, bash, and roll out your own squad of photo-real miniature insect robots!

In this exciting Hard Surface Blender course, you'll get hands-on experience with projection mapping to create a kit-bash kit filled with mechanical parts. Learn how to repurpose these elements to assemble a set of miniature insect robots. Explore various modeling techniques and delve deep into material creation, utilizing a mix of procedural and photographic textures.

Finally, discover how to bring it all together with exceptional lighting and clever camera staging for your final renders.

You’ll flex your creative muscles and finish with three incredibly cool robot bugs and a kit-bash kit ready for reuse in future projects! Ready to blend tech skills with artistic vibes? Let's fly!

Machine Component Kit-bash Kit Included

Download three of the projection mapped component models from Chapter 1, organised in their own collection so you can easily append them into your own blender files for some kit-bashing fun!

Course Overview

Chapter 1

Projection Mapping Mastery

Learn projection mapping by transforming photos into detailed 3D geometry. Project images onto models for precision modelling, and then use them as textures for realism. By the end of the chapter, you’ll grasp the nuances of projection mapping, acquire key modelling techniques, and lay the foundation for your kit-bash kit. Let the adventure begin!

Chapter 2

Beetle Bot: Assemble!

First, we use a reference image to model each element of the beetle . We explore procedural textures, seamlessly blending them with photographic textures for a lifelike finish. The chapter concludes with the assembly of the final Beetle Bot using our kit-bash component kit. Get ready to bring your mechanical insect to life and showcasing it in a striking render!

Chapter 3

Robo Ant, 3D Heavy Lifting

Elevate your skills crafting a robotic ant. Start with a detailed circuit board, expanding your kit-bash collection. Model the ant using a reference image, exploring translucency for realistic plastic. Conclude with lighting and camera tips for a perfect render, showcasing your evolved Blender expertise in bringing this robotic ant to life!

Chapter 4

Solar Fly, Lift Off

Embark on the ultimate challenge, crafting the awe-inspiring Solar Butterfly. Model the butterfly, add fur, and apply material mastery for lifelike surfaces. Seamlessly integrate mechanical components and conclude with a final discussion on lighting and camera techniques. Get ready to showcase your expertise with this breathtaking, solar-powered creation!

Bug Bots GO!

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2 Reviews
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    Qaiyum Noraizan(veddex) ·

    I've gained a wealth of knowledge from this tutorial, thanks to the instructor's ability to keep explanations clean and clear. What's even better is that most tutorials here focus on using only the basic Blender modifiers, which is great for eager students who may not have access to paid ones. Overall, it's been a fantastic experience. Thank you!

  • t
    junhwi song(thdwnshwi) ·
    i learned a lot from this. but lack of explaining about node. i had to rewatch the video several times to catch up with him. but overall  all good