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A successful Blender artist's pipeline may include multiple resources and tools. This is why we've partnered with the companies below to offer great deals to active CG Cookie Citizen members.

20% off Game Art Coaching

Chimirus provides world-class career coaching for game artists, led by artists. Getting an art job in the video game industry is challenging and highly competitive. Before you choose a career, before you go to school, before you apply for a job, you need a solid plan. We will guide, support, and empower you to accelerate your journey and take your career to the next level.

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15% off GameTextures.com

GameTextures.com is the collected work of a small group of dedicated artists who have spent the last 20 years assembling the largest texture library in the world for all things artistic be it games, cinema or whatever you think you can do with it. Subscriptions at any level offer you a constantly updating library, dedicated support for the materials and the ability to pick and choose the formats you need for your project.

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10% off Barista Cloud Rendering System

Want the power of a render farm, or cloud rendering service, without the bloated cost? Barista allows you to render using the same technology, but without having to pay for the extra service costs. Using your own AWS account, Barista will help you render with several different hardware configurations, all while using whatever version or build of Blender you prefer. 

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5% off 3D Print at i.materialise

Far more than just an online 3D printing service, i.materialise helps people materialise their creative ideas.  i.materialise offers anyone with an eye for design and a head full of ideas the possibility to turn their dreams into 3D reality. Create, share, and sell your designs with i.materialise. i.materialise is the consumer division of Materialise.

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20% off of Etchr Lab

Of all the things we could have poured our collective energy into...why art bags? Well, to us they’re more than that.

Our mission from the start has been to improve the world in which we live by hatching more inspiring art into existence through crafting and delivering quality products that make the lives of artists a little easier.

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10% off Retopoflow

RetopoFlow is an add-on for Blender that brings together a set of retopology tools that enable you to work more quickly, efficiently, and in a more artist-friendly manner. The tools, which are specifically designed for retopology, create a complete workflow in Blender without the need for additional software.

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15% off rentaflop

Rentaflop is a crowdsourced cloud render farm where Blender artists leverage graphics cards from people around the world when they're not using them. 

When 3D artists need to create an animation, instead of lowering the quality of their work to reduce render times or paying thousands to buy or rent the hardware required, they can get fast and affordable rendering without compromising on quality.

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15% off Digital Artist Certification

Get ahead in the digital art industry with the Certified Digital Artist (CDA) accreditation. Designed for entry-level artists, CDA provides a clear benchmark for skills and competencies required in Visual Effects, 3D Animation, and Games. Gain a competitive edge in the job market and stay up-to-date with industry standards by earning your CDA accreditation today.

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