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HUMAN: 13 Best Renders inspired by Kent Trammell's Blender Course
HUMAN is celebrating its 6 months anniversary and more than 2,700 copies sold.
Mental health tips for (not only) artists, by a recovering overthinker
Feel like your mind is working against you sometimes? It's pretty normal - here are a few tricks that can help.
"I don't have time to learn Blender!" Yes, you do.
From your personal "Why" to the X Effect, these tried-and-tested tips will help you make sense of learning (not only) Blender.
Are you a student? Learn Blender from CG Cookie this summer for half the cost.
Active students and teachers enjoy a 50% discount on their first year enrolled with CG Cookie. Apply today to get a head start on learnin...
I'm learning Blender. What should I do next?
Wondering what the next step in your Blender journey should be? We got you.
What's in the Oven - April 2022
Curious what the Blender team is preparing for the rest of the year? 2022 is looking to be a very exciting year to learn Blender with CG ...
Top 5 Blender Modeling Tools (And a Simple Project to Try Them All Out)
Learn how to make anything in Blender with bevel, extrude, merge, loop cut and grid fill. Then make your own pen, using all of them.
Everything New in Blender 3.1
Find out what's changed in the latest version of Blender!
Hello, Amber! New captain to steer the CG Cookie Ship
Amber is the new CG Cookie project lead, giving Wes Burke time to focus on high-level control of CG Cookie and offshoot projects.
The Ultimate 2022 Guide to the Best Blender Add-ons
With so many Blender add-ons, which do the community find the most helpful? Let's find out!
Welcoming Paul Caggegi, CG Cookie's new Blender instructor, 2D specialist
Paul will be focusing on grease pencil and 2d creation in Blender. He brings 20+ years of experience in digital creation to the CG Cookie...
Completing Collab2021, Plans for Collab2022
This short film is the result of a collaborative project between CG Cookie instructors and more than 130 Citizen members! After nearly a ...
CG Cookie is moving: our new home on Mavenseed!
CG Cookie is moving to our in-house platform, Mavenseed. Expect brief site outages, a (hopefully) smooth migration and improvements to th...
"I stopped worrying about mistakes": Interview with Keith Tomlinson
Blender artist Keith Tomlinson talks to CG Cookie about his journey with Blender and why he loves transforming concept art into 3d.
What's new in Blender 3.0?
Everything you need to know about Blender 3.0: from new user interface to modeling changes and virtual reality as well as new modeling to...
Pierrick Picaut: "There is a lot of failure I don't show"
Pierrick Picaut is a Blender educator and animator. With his courses like Alive! and The Art of Effective Rigging in Blender, he is build...
26 Essential Blender Tips for UV Unwrapping Subdivision Surfaces
Blender courses and tutorials about nodes, materials and shaders to get you Nodevember ready
In time for Nodevember 2021, here are great Blender material and shader tutorials and courses that will help you join the fun and push yo...
HUMAN: Realistic Portrait Creation with Blender is coming to Blender Market and CG Cookie
Kent Trammell is releasing his massive portrait course, HUMAN, this November. Here is what you need to know about the price, timing and w...
Making a Different Type of Cookie
CG Cookie has been creating Blender tutorials for a long time. In this article, Wes Burke CEO, talks about the new direction the site is ...
News from CG Cookie: Animating, modeling course and Kent's HUMAN Blender portrait is coming
Fresh update on what Blender project's lurk in the shadows at CG Cookie: Character portrait academy announcement,, new pothe...