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Ground Smash
Pre-baked ground fracture effect ready to add a grease pencil anime blast
Halftone Shader
Download the working halftone shader file Paul created on his livestreams here!
Geometry Nodes Cheat Sheet
Download this free PDF with some helpful reminders about the socket colors and shapes in Geometry Nodes as well as a refresher on fields ...
CUBICITY Asset Library
A free, public domain 3D model library for creating cute, simplistic cities!
Model: Chess Pawn
Download the pawn for use with Chris Bailey's YouTube tutorial "Simple Blender Animation: Matrix-style "Kung Fu" Chess Fight (2022)"
CG Cookie's Blender Teaching Guide
This guide is designed to help you become familiar with Blender, its community and guidance for teaching Blender to individuals or large ...
Model: Pong Video Game Scene
Download this .blend file to build your very own Pong animation within Blender.
Model: Crushed Can
In this .blend file, you'll find a can-crushing setup to get you started, well, crushing cans! Using only a couple of simple modifiers, y...
The Spice Vendor's House
Comprehensive 3D environment model created by the CG Cookie community with Blender and rendered with Eevee.
HUMAN Realistic Portrait Assets - Simon, Abe, Colin
Highly detailed 3D head models for Blender. These portrait resources are good for analyzing model structure, textures and material constr...
anAtomic: Head Anatomy 3D Cheat Sheet
Comprehensive 3D facial anatomy for 3D artists. This tool is perfect for understanding the relationship between skeletal, muscle, fat and...
Scattershot - Procedural Image Scattering Addon
Scattershot quickly distributes and randomizes image textures using voronoi scattering.
"DOG" 434E Backhoe Model
Highly detailed 3D Blender model of a CAT 434E backhoe resulting from CG Cookie's Collab2020 project. This model is free for commercial u...
Let's Build it in Blender Season 2 | Kinda fast, Mildly Furious Car Build
In this season's debut Blender episode, work with CG Cookie Instructor Chunck as he models the first major piece of the stylized car model:
Rigged Tentacle
In this episode, work with Chunck to build a fairly capable rig using Inverse Kinematics and Bone Constraints.
Scene: Death Star Tractor Beam Station
Join Chris as he takes on building the Death Star tractor beam control room in Blender, in less than an hour!
Model: Mage's Hat
In this episode, let's build ourselves a mage's hat! We will cover basic shape creation for the base of our hat, and then get familiar wi...
Scene: Alien Egg Chamber
You're challenged to download the scene file and push the scene even further sharing it below in questions/comments for a chance to be fe...
Model: Sci-fi Door
Modeling of a sci-fi door from Youtube Show
Scene: Blade Runner
You're challenged to download the scene file and push the scene even further sharing it below in questions/comments for a chance to be fe...
Model: Melvin Pumpkin Costume
In this Halloween-themed Blender workflow, we're modeling a Halloween costume for CG Cookie's mascot, the Melvin monster!