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Model: Witches ingredients and shelf
In this Halloween-themed Blender workflow, follow along with Chunck as he prepares his ingredients shelf for any and all witch-y incantat...
Scene: Trench Run
You're challenged to download the scene file and push the scene even further sharing it below in questions/comments for a chance to be fe...
Model: Low Poly Pizza
Follow Charlie from CG Cookie as he shares his workflow to create a low poly slice of pizza in Blender.
Blender Scene: Dune Sand Worm
Watch Chris work through creating a Dune Sandworm in less than an hour!
Eevee Glass Shader
The CGC Eevee Glass shader doesn't fix that fundamental issue, but it does cleverly disguise it by giving you more control over which par...
Rig: Machine and Piston
Rigging of a Machine and Piston
Model: Subway Car
In this episode, Chunck goes all out to recreate a subway cart scene in Eevee, modeling all of the essential parts, developing convincing...
Model: Low Poly Building
A low poly building in Blender
Model: Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Blender Model
Model: Desk Lamp
To kick off our newest series "Let's Build It In Blender", we are taking a look at the general workflow taken to create this pivot desk l...
Extra Lights - Photometric Lighting Addon
Extra Lights - Photometric Lighting Addon
Red-Nelb Rig Blender 2.8x
Red-Nelb Rig Blender 2.8x
Melvin Rig Blender 2.8x
Here's the Blender 2.8x character rig for our beloved Melvin Monster
Blender Character Head Model
Download a 3D head model for Blender including modeled hair, eyes, brows, and lashes. A perfect model to practice creating your own 3D ch...
Multiball Rig 2.80
This is Blender rig that contains 8 different balls within one flexible and easy rig.
Lowpoly Mini Tank
Lowpoly Mini Tank
Robot Rig (Blender 2.80)
A new Blender 2.8 robot rig to make animation a breeze.
Quick Caster Addon for Decals in Blender 2.8
This python script is a simple Blender Addon for quickly projecting image planes into surface decals for 3D models.
Light Matching Scenes
Download, reference, and learn from these Blender scene files for matching lighting and shading.
Sci-fi Gyrocopter
Sci-fi Gyrocopter
VR Revolver
VR Revolver