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The most complex model ever created

Or at least that's what it felt like when the CG Cookie community built it as part of #Collab2020! Affectionately called the "DOG", this model is the result of a collaborative effort between instructor and students. 15 people teamed up to build this truly impressive example of vehicular modeling, down the nuts, bolts, and washers. The happy accident that launched the Collab learning format and stands as a testament to the power of team work.

The DOG POUND team includes:

Creative Commons License

This model is licensed under CC BY 4.0 which means it's free to share, copy, redistribute in any medium or format. It can also be adapted, transformed, and built upon for any purpose, even commercially.

The only requirement is attribution: Please give credit to "CG Cookie" and link to this page.


The .zip decompresses into a project directory containing everything from models to animations to textures. Here's some explanations for navigating the project.

πŸ“ cgcookie_DOG-434E-BACKHOE_model: This is the root directory and it's home to "assembly" files that are dependent on linking from .blend files in the MASTER_parts folder.

πŸ“ MASTER_parts: This folder contains all .blend files of individual parts of the model. If any of these .blend files are changed all assembly files will inherit the modifications.

πŸ“ RENDER: This folder contains 2 .EXR files for one frame in the animation. It supplies the MASTER_dog-434e_comp_01.blend file with source images to complete the compositing network.

πŸ“ TEX: The vast majority of materials are completely procedural. But there are a few CC-0 textures in use as well a custom HDRI environment texture located here.

🚜 MASTER_dog-434e_render_01.blend: The final render-ready scene file. This will output frames of the backhoe rendered with Cycles.

🚜 MASTER_dog-434e_model-assembly.blend: This is simply all parts assembled into a clean file. It's technically animated since all master parts are animated. To account for this the start frame is set to 3060 (last frame of the animation) however the file may load in some state of disassembly. Simply hit the right arrow key to update the frame and you'll have the model fully assembled.

🚜 MASTER_dog-434e_environment_01.blend: The model of the environment ready to render with Eevee.

🚜 MASTER_dog-434e_comp_01.blend: Contains only the compositing node network for combining the backhoe + environment passes. Examples of these passes are located in the RENDER directory.

🚜 MASTER_dog-434e_cam-blockout_07_KT.blend: Isolated camera animation that's linked into every other .blend file including master parts and render-ready scenes.

🚜 MASTER_dog-434e_hologram_01.blend: A one-off scene file with individual parts imported (not linked) and some environmental objects for the sake of floor reflections.

🚜 DOG_material-library.blend: Contains all materials for editing. All backhoe materials are linked from here to the master part files.

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Kent Trammell

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