What's the Cookie's Story?

We are a team of Blender fanatics, bootstrapped and here to create awesome things with Blender

CG Cookie launched in 2008 as a software agnostic content site built with Wordpress and a purchased theme. Featuring tutorials, art gallery and conversations on various software. CG Cookie offered training on 3D modeling with Blender, game development with Unity, concept art with Photoshop and even sculpting with real clay.

Originally selling individual tutorials for $4, CG Cookie began to take hold after the now pivotal release of our Blender 2.5 training DVD. Shortly thereafter we launched our Citizen paid membership in November 2010.

In 2017 CG Cookie transitioned away from a heavy Wordpress site to a fully custom-built Ruby on Rails CMS. A CMS that we’ve iterated a few times on and was the spark to create the Mavenseed Project.

We’ve come to recognize our superpower is within the software Blender and are passionate about supporting this free open-source community that has supported us.

In 2019 CG Cookie pivoted to be a Blender-focused project.

Some of our latest Blender Courses

OFF-ROAD: Rig and Animate an RC Monster Truck in Blender
Rig and animate a Monster Truck with fully realistic driving properties, including spring suspension, ground detection and real-life Ackermann steering. Automate the driving processes with Python script (no coding experience needed) and create dynamic controls using 100% Blender only.
PRESS START: Your Simple First Blender Project
Blender beginners, this project is made for you: practice basic Blender workflows like modeling, texturing and lighting. Create your very own Blender model and learn the essentials of 3d creating. PRESS START.
BLENDER 3 BASICS: Intro to Blender
If you're new to Blender, want a refresh of the basics, or need a primer to Blender 3 you've come to the right place. This crash course will take you through the essentials of Blender, the world's coolest 3d software.
HUMAN: Realistic Portrait Creation with Blender
The art of 3D portrait creation demystified. This Blender tutorial course spans over 28 hours of video, teaching the entire process step-by-step from scratch. 100% Blender. No Zbrush, no Substance, no commercial addons or textures. Everything you need to know about creating photorealistic human faces.
POTHEAD: Create a Hard Surface Character in Blender
With an adorable old robot as your guide, learn how to create a Blender character, step-by-step in this deep-dive course. Workflows include hard surface, subdiv modeling, hand painted texturing and procedural textures.
Make Your Blender Character Run: How to Animate a Run Cycle
Learn how to animate a run cycle for your Blender biped character. From setting up the scene to animating and rendering - all in Blender.

How to contact CG Cookie

Depending on the type of question you have, there are two main channels to ask for help. We're a small crew, though passionate about seeing you succeed, even if the answer may not reside on CG Cookie. 

For account and any initial questions email [email protected] and for Blender-related questions ask them on the community forum

CG Cookie, Inc
25 N. River Lane, STE 10
Geneva, IL 60119