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Our education team is tirelessly crafting new Blender training to elevate your skills and enrich the community. Here's a glimpse of the tasty content we're cooking up for you!

DENOISE | Season 2

Season 2 of the CG Cookie DENOISE Podcast.   Featuring candid talks between the CG Cookie Crew and Andrew Price, Colin Levy, Ian Hubert, Brad Clark, Chris Parks and more.

Recorded live at BCON LA.

July 2024 Release

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RIG | Blender's Character Rigging Playbook

Learn to rig from scratch with Blender 4.0 so you can apply your skills to any character you imagine.  New master rigging course from Wayne Dixon.

May 2024 Release

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BASEMESH | How to Quickly Create Stylized Characters in Blender

A friendly and fun course from Lucas Falcao for anyone who wants to start creating characters.


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RELIC | Game Asset Creation Fundamentals in Blender

Chunck Trafagander is back in the kitchen cooking up an incredible experience for those looking to understand game asset creation workflows. 

2024 Release

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Collab Course in Production

Kent Trammell is developing an in-depth curriculum about team-based Blender production. A first for the CGC course library and possibly the first in history.

2024 Release

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