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Get excited! this winter CG Cookie is releasing some tasty Blender courses for you to enjoy.

We are always working on new Blender courses for your consumption. This is the place where you can take a peek inside the oven.
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SESSIONS: Beautifully Minimal Blender Projects COMING SOON from Kent Trammell

Sessions is a series of courses focused on short Blender projects that can be created within a 2-hr timeframe. Each course will be released sequentially throughout 2023 and will have themes like Minimalism, Macro, Abstract, Arch Viz, and more. The quick-turnaround and variety of projects will make for a fun, fast-paced learning experience emphasizing efficient workflow, creativity and appeal.

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Office Hours

We will soon be adding a great perk to your CG Cookie Subscription.  Introducing OFFICE HOURS!  

Each week our instructors will make themselves available to answer your questions LIVE.  This will be small group FACETIME in REALTIME with some of the best Blender Instructors around.  

Keep an eye on the Community Forum where instructors will post their hours and open it up for questions to be tackled during that time.  They will invite the Citizen whose questions will be addressed to participate in the conversation, but anyone can listen in. 

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