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What's New in Blender 2.81? All the Big Changes and Updates
The new Blender 2.81 release is here and it brings some massive improvements. From interface changes to new sculpting tools, these are al...
CG Cookie Sneak Peek: November Edition
Grab your sneak peek into what the CG Cookie crew is working on; blender tutorials, 3d animations, robots and more...
Blender 2.8 for Schools: CG Cookie's 100 Student Initiative
Visual arts students and teachers can now apply for a free CG Cookie membership.
Blender's Right Click vs Left Click: Which is Better?
Blender's default selection mode has changed from right click to left it and it's not a change for the better.
Tutorial Series for Getting Started with Blender 2.8
Blender 2.8 has now been officially released and many of you are rushing to see what new content is available. We've been putting out a t...
The Best Blender Vehicles: Winners of the Community Challenge are Announced
Free Blender Tutorials on Animation, Modeling, Texturing and More
From animation to modeling, these are free Blender tutorials you can watch right away to improve your 3D workflow.
Art of Lighting Game Environments in Unity
Lighting in CG is always a hot topic and video games are no different. Lighting is a complex subject which requires a delicate balance, n...
Captain Disillusion interview with Kent Trammell on Blender and more
A certified YouTube superhero Captian Disillusion talked to Kent Trammell about illusion, silver makeup, and - of course - Blender.
Top 3 Things Every Beginner Blender Artist Should Model
Blender beginner FAQ: "What should I model?" Not all practice projects are created equal. If you want to maximize the value of your learn...
Download our Ready-to-Use Animation Rigs "VonnBots" (now Blender 2.8 Beta Compatible!)
Vonnbots are ready-to-use animation rigs made in Blender, now updated for 2.8! Grab these fun characters and make them move.
6 Principles of Great 3D Modeling in Blender
3D Modeling in Blender is not easy. Many beginners get caught up in the nuances of tools or topology and miss the forest for the trees. T...
Yanal Sosak: "Blender is What I do for a Living"
Blender artist Yanal Sosak is a YouTube persona, acclaimed training creator and a self-proclaimed student for life. His commitment to the...
Introducing Mavenseed: Your Platform for Selling Digital Content
Visual Scripting in Bolt - Quick Start Guide
Get started quickly with visual scripting using Bolt in Unity. Build games with no programming experience!
Community Challenge #1 Results
What is a .blend1 file and why do you (not) need them?
Unpopular opinion: you don't actually need blend1 files. Here is why.
Blender 2.8 Python Scripting Superpowers for Non-Programmers
Python scripting gives you nearly unlimited powers in Blender, from automating repetitive tasks to creating new features. And the best pa...
The Art of Learning
How long does it take to learn Blender? How long does it take to become a good artist? This is a common question from beginners starting ...
Spring is here: let's plant some trees together!
It's spring and CG Cookie is planting trees! We plant 2 new trees for each new membership on our site this month via
Announcing Community "Challenges"