Meet-the-Member Caleb Shetland: "I use Blender for my startup!"

Aug 16th 2022

(Caleb's promotional video for his language school.  Background created in Blender)

Meet Caleb, coming to CG Cookie from Taipei, Taiwan. 

Caleb started using Blender as a hobbyist back in 2009.

Little did he know, Blender will become a great tool for his startup.

A few years into his Blender learning journey, Caleb was running his own business, Century Bridge Learning Center, a language school in Taipei. 

Blender helps Caleb's business stand out

"The online tutoring marketplace is extremely crowded," says Caleb, "so anything that helps get our message out is crucial!" 

With this in mind, Caleb started using Blender to help him visually stand out from that crowd.

With the help of Blender, Caleb creates promotional videos for his language school - like this video greeting card he sent to his clients to celebrate The Year of the Ox. (Yes, the Blender-made ox steals the show in this one.)

"Getting unstuck is the best!"

On a Blender journey, there is hardly anything more rewarding than a lightbulb moment. Caleb shares his own: "When I finally got unstuck on character modeling after watching one of Jonathan Williamson's videos on mesh topology."

(Not familiar with that course? It's one of our vintage productions, now living on YouTube as part of our CG Cookie Classics collection.)

Recently, Caleb has joined the ranks of CG Cookie lifetime members; our special membership option available only to a limited number of members.

What made Caleb opt into Lifetime? "I feel like CG Cookie really pushed the envelope in Blender education," he says, "because the courses go deeper on each topic."

From a fellow educator, that is a major compliment. 

Thank you for trusting CG Cookie, Caleb!


Amber Kelly
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