Are you a student? Learn Blender from CG Cookie this summer for half the cost.

May 2nd 2022

For a while now, CG Cookie has offered a significant discount to students and educators looking to learn Blender while attending school, or teaching Blender. We just haven't talked about it a whole lot. 😅

With summer fast approaching, let's change that. 

Active students and educators are encouraged to take advantage of the 50% discount on your first year with CG Cookie. 

If you're an active student, I want to help you learn Blender with the CG Cookie team of instructors and the global community in your corner. 

For educators actively teaching Blender, or have been tasked with offering Blender at your school, CG Cookie is your digital textbook to help support you, and your students in and out of the classroom. We even have an educator guide coming out soon

3D modeling and animation skills are in demand

Blender as a free open-source 3D software is a great choice to get started. There is, "enormous demand across multiple industries" around the globe, with "strong entry-level opportunities for those with real-time 3D skills" (source:  Visualizing the Future Report 2021)

If you are a student or an educator, being versed in 3D with Blender is an invaluable asset - regardless of your major - as Blender solidifies its place in the creative industry and beyond as one of the world's most recognized 3d suites.

So how does it work?

To apply and get a unique sign-up code, you'll need three things: 

  1. A scanned copy of an active student/educator ID, 
  2. The name of your school,
  3. An email address.

Send these to us here 👉 start your application. Next, a human from our crew will send you your unique sign-up code.

Once you've entered in your custom code and created your account, you're in! 🍪

What happens once you sign up?

  • You'll have access to stream 100's of Blender courses,
  • submit exercises to our instructor team for personalized feedback,
  • ask questions on the forum,
  • download Blender assets and add-ons, like our own ScatterShot, Anatomic, Eevee Glass Shader, and Extra Lights.


Accelerate your learning with our Playlists

To help you power through the learning curve, we've created a Summer School Playlist for new and veteran members of CG Cookie.

Playlists are our recommendation for Blender courses and you can choose from Your First week with Blender, Blender Fundamentals, an Animation-specific path, and others.


Apply today

Start the three-question online form: 

Once you're in, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself on the Cookie forum using the Summer School / Introductions categories. It's like a mixer without the awkward games. 😅



How are you able to discount your service at 50%? 

One of CG Cookie's missions is to be a force of good in the community. Whether this is through our Carbon Removal efforts, Blender Foundation Donations,  sponsoring local art festivals or helping out emerging students learn new skills to help build a career or life-long hobby. 

Wait, I'm an active student and I'm paying full price... can I get a credit?

As we mentioned above it's something we simply really haven't talked much about other than the doc on our support site. If you're just recently signed up, or it's only been a few months email us at [email protected] and we'll love hearing from you. 

What if I'm an active student when it comes time for renewal? 

No worries, simply reach out to [email protected] before your renewal to send in your information and we'll be able to apply the discount to your first renewal. Of course, if you simply do not want your subscription to renew, you may cancel at any time while retaining access for the remainder of the membership. 

Is this a one-time sale, or only offered for a limited period?

No, this opportunity is available all year long, you may submit your application at any time. We're just carving out the month of May to talk about it and help raise awareness it's here. It's also great timing with schools typically on break for summer, enabling educators and students to get a leg up going into the next school year, or heading into the job market. 


Wes Burke
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