MODIFY - A complete guide on Blender's modifiers

Paul Caggegi

Blender's modifiers are a fundamental and powerful feature that form the backbone of its non-destructive modeling and animation workflow. These versatile tools allow 3D artists and designers to manipulate objects, meshes, and animations in a flexible and dynamic way without permanently altering the underlying geometry or animation data.

Modifiers are like a set of virtual tools that can be applied to your 3D objects to perform a wide range of operations, from simple transformations to complex procedural effects. They provide a means to streamline your creative process, enhance your modeling capabilities, and achieve intricate results with ease. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced 3D artist, understanding how Blender's modifiers work is essential for creating stunning and adaptable 3D content. In this exploration, we will delve deeper into the world of Blender's modifiers, uncovering their functionality, applications, and the creative possibilities they offer.

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What you'll learn

In Modify, CG Cookie instructor Paul Caggegi will guide you through 34 of Blender's geometry modifiers.

Generate Modifiers*

Blender's Generate modifiers are a subset of modifiers designed to create or generate new geometry within your 3D scene. These modifiers are incredibly useful for quickly adding complex and procedural details to your models, saving you time and effort in the modeling process. They can be applied to various types of objects, such as meshes, curves, and text, volumes and even Grease Pencil, although we will be focusing mainly on meshes.

*Geometry nodes is a topic unto itself and is not a part of this course. Don't fret, however - we have a course for that!

Deform Modifiers

Blender's Deform modifiers are a group of powerful tools that allow you to influence the shape and deformation of 3D objects, typically by using other objects or control points. These modifiers are essential for creating complex and organic animations, as they provide non-destructive ways to bend, twist, and manipulate geometry.

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