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"I don't have time to learn Blender!" Yes, you do.
From your personal "Why" to the X Effect, these tried-and-tested tips will help you make sense of learning (not only) Blender.
I'm learning Blender. What should I do next?
Wondering what the next step in your Blender journey should be? We got you.
Completing Collab2021, Plans for Collab2022
This short film is the result of a collaborative project between CG Cookie instructors and more than 130 Citizen members! After nearly a ...
8 Tips for Clean Topology in Blender (Updated for 2021)
Clean topology in Blender is crucial for achieving efficient, usable 3D models. Here are a few tips on getting it right and improving you...
Best Blender Addons and Plugins (tested & updated for 2021)
The best Blender addons for modeling, sculpting, lighting, animation and rendering - all in one place. If you're looking for a new workfl...
Ten powerful add-ons that are included with Blender
Blender comes with an extensive range of pre-installed add-ons, some of which are activated by default and have become an inseparable par...
What are quaternion rotations in Blender? Quaternions explained in a simple way
Trying to understand quaternion rotations? We explain 3d quaternions with the math that happens in Blender.
9 Simple Blender Projects for Beginners
Looking for simple tutorials with basic Blender workflows? These projects cover the skills you can use for endless Blender projects.
CG Cookie was awarded an Epic MegaGrant, get ready for Unreal-tasting cookies!
I'm excited to share that CG Cookie is an Epic Mega Grant recipient! We’re ready to make some Unreal-tasting Cookies!
Blender Beginner Project: How to Model a Low-Polygon Style Halloween Pumpkin
In this beginner-level Blender tutorial, learn how to model a low-polygon Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin! Blender 2.8 or a higher version is all ...
7 hidden Blender hacks that will improve your workflow
There are lots of hidden tricks in Blender that will improve your workflow. We picked our 7 favorite hacks, from Scale Cage tool to Bevel...
Blender Animator Luciano Muñoz: "Every artist has self doubt."
Two Blender animators get together to discuss their trade: CG Cookie's Wayne Dixon and Luciano Muñoz talk Blender, animation, and why eve...
From Blender to Modeling Sonic the Hedgehog: Interview with Alin Bolcas
Learn from Alin Bolcas, the modeler of Sonic the Hedgehog for the new movie. From disovering 3D through Blender to landing a job at MPC, ...
How Rocket League Artists Use Blender for Game Production
Learn how Blender is used by two artists at Psyonix to make Rocket League, one of the most popular eSports in the world. From in-game mod...
Digital Art Trends for 2020
What is going to happen in the digital art world in 2020? From the growing popularity of Blender to 3D art making its way into art galler...
How to Model Hair in Blender: Easy Workflow (Even for Beginners)
Modeling hair in Blender can be surprisingly easy. This quick, foolproof workflow will show you how to create your first hairstyle today,...
What's New in Blender 2.81? All the Big Changes and Updates
The new Blender 2.81 release is here and it brings some massive improvements. From interface changes to new sculpting tools, these are al...
Blender's Right Click vs Left Click: Which is Better?
Blender's default selection mode has changed from right click to left it and it's not a change for the better.
Free Blender Tutorials on Animation, Modeling, Texturing and More
From animation to modeling, these are free Blender tutorials you can watch right away to improve your 3D workflow.
Art of Lighting Game Environments in Unity
Lighting in CG is always a hot topic and video games are no different. Lighting is a complex subject which requires a delicate balance, n...
Captain Disillusion interview with Kent Trammell on Blender and more
A certified YouTube superhero Captian Disillusion talked to Kent Trammell about illusion, silver makeup, and - of course - Blender.