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What's New in Blender 3.2?
It's already time to update Blender again! Blender 3.2 comes with a solid list of improvements and speedups that should make your (3d) li...
Everything New in Blender 3.1
Find out what's changed in the latest version of Blender!
What's new in Blender 3.0?
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26 Essential Blender Tips for UV Unwrapping Subdivision Surfaces
News from CG Cookie: Animating, modeling course and Kent's HUMAN Blender portrait is coming
Fresh update on what Blender project's lurk in the shadows at CG Cookie: Character portrait academy announcement,, new pothe...
What's new in Blender 2.93 - all the updates and changes
All the Blender 2.93 changes and updates with examples and tips on how to get the most out of the latest version of Blender.
We asked Twitter to pick a Blender rapper name and these answers are hilarious
We asked our Blender community on Twitter for their rapper name and this is what they came up with. These funny tweets prove that the Ble...
Join our virtual studio via Collabs (And more sneaks from CG Cookie oven)
CG Cookie is your home for all things Blender. See what the Blender team is working on and what you can expect on the site soon.
CG Cookie "Collaborations", Announcing #COLLAB2021
Learn about the new Blender learning format called "Collaborations". It's a team experience for like-minded Blender heads to achieve big ...
What's new in Blender 2.92? All the new Features (UI, Modeling, Sculpting, Grease Pencil and more)
All the new changes in Blender 2.92 in one place - including our list of top 5 new features and tools which will change the way you use B...
Best Blender Courses, Artwork and Videos of 2020 (CG Cookie Year in Review)
Blender courses, tutorials and artwork we all loved the most in 2020 on CG Cookie: here are our top Blender goodies of the year!
Winners of our Blender Pumpkin Challenge
The great CG Cookie Blender pumpking challenge of 2020 winners are here!
How are CG Cookie's Blender tutorials made?
Making Blender tutorials may seem like a hit-the-record-button job, but there's a lot going on. CG Cookie trainers talk about their trick...
5 Reasons to Learn Blender First
Here’s why Blender is pretty much always going to be the best first step to learning computer graphics:
What is New in Blender 2.83?
The latest Blender release is here with awesome changes, including modifiers, grease pencil, and modeling where the undo system has been ...
Everything New in Blender 2.82
Blender 2.82 includes several new features and useful updates, from modeling to animation and UI improvements. We cover all the major and...
Top 10 Rigging & Animation Addons for Blender 2.8
Recently I’ve discovered these Blender 2.8 addons that I think you’ll enjoy, which can help make rigging and animation in Blender a bit e...
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2019 was Blender's best year so far - these are the addons, artists and new features we loved the most!
The Top 10 Shading and Texturing Addons for Blender 2.8 (including FREE ones)
Blender 2.8 addons for texturing and shading can save you a massive amount of time. The best part? Some of these top 10 picks are free (o...
CG Cookie Sneak Peek: November Edition
Grab your sneak peek into what the CG Cookie crew is working on; blender tutorials, 3d animations, robots and more...
Blender 2.8 for Schools: CG Cookie's 100 Student Initiative
Visual arts students and teachers can now apply for a free CG Cookie membership.