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Understanding Blender Data
Learn how Blender handles assets and data, so you can import, export, and texture with ease! We'll also explore what data blocks are, and...
Fundamentals of Virtual Reality
Learn how to develop for the HTC Vive using Unity and Steam VR
Introduction to 2D Perspective.
The art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface can be rather complicated. With this course we go through the ability to dr...
Fundamentals of Rigging in Blender 2.7
Rigging is the art of movement preparation. Without rigging, there isn't any character, vehicle, or machinery animation. This course teac...
Fundamentals of Game Publishing
Learn the fundamentals of how to build for PC, Mobile, and Web platforms using a variety of tools and built-in settings in Unity.
Wrangler Character Concept Art
This course goes through each individual aspect of creating a character concept art piece. We will take you through why we are using cert...
Fundamentals of Rigged Animations
Learn how to animate your rigged characters and objects using Unity's Mecanim animation system.
Fundamentals of Mecanim Animation
Learn the basics of animation in Unity. Use the Mecanim animation system to control animation states, use parameters, transitions, and more.
Introduction to Casting and Casting Techniques
This course is dedicated to all things casting and the various techniques to get you started on your way to replicating your sculptures i...
Using Game Assets in Unity
Learn how to integrate your 3d models and textures in Unity to be used as a prop or interactive prefab in your game.
Texturing Game Assets with Blender
Texturing plays a powerful role in computer graphics, but especially for game asset creation. Textures can simulate high-resolution detai...
Modeling Video Game Assets in Blender
Get started in game asset creation by learning how to model both low and high resolution objects in Blender. You'll learn to create the m...
Creating Game Asset Concept Art
Learn to creating a basic game asset concept art from the initial sketches to the final polish! This asset can then be seen taken into 3D...
Fundamentals of FPS UI Design
Learn how to build UI elements for your first person shooter including crosshairs, ammo counts, damage indicators, mini-maps and more.
Introduction to Mold Making and Molding Techniques
In this course we will be tackling the art of making molds. I will introduce you to a few new terms, and you will be able to follow alon...
Fundamentals of Weapon Mechanics in Unity
Learn the fundamentals of how a first person shooter weapon operates by incorporating animations, audio clips and scripting.
Introduction to Materials and Texture
This introduction course goes over how to start analyzing different materials based on three questions.
Intro to Retopology with the RetopoFlow Add-on
RetopoFlow is an add-on designed for Blender artists. Using only Blender's default tools, retopology can be a terribly tedious process wi...
Fundamentals of Image Effects
Learn how to use image effects to create a unique look to your game within minutes
The Color Course
The first half of our color course deals with understanding what color is, how we will be working with color, and the terms associated wi...
Introduction to Human Anatomy and Basic Proportions
The Introduction to Human Anatomy course is meant to give you insight into how the overall body is structured and how to simplify the var...