Build and Animate a Low Poly Rocket in Blender for Beginners

Guest Instructor

In this beginner-friendly course, we’ll be taking a step-by-step approach to modeling, surfacing, animating, and simulating an epic low-poly rocket launch sequence in Blender 2.80!

10 easy-to-digest lessons, jam-packed with Blender tips

- model your own low poly 3D rocket

- design a low poly space environment to place your rocket in

- animate an epic launch sequence ("WOW" effect guaranteed)

Some cool things you'll learn along the way

- using EEVEE, Blender's real-time rendering engine, to help us develop the rocket engine's look

- working with Blender modifiers to model the layers of the ground around your rocket

- learning basics of computer animation in Blender, including key frames and interpolation

- using Blender 2.80’s particle systems to simulate smoke during the launch of your rocket

- BONUS: creating the smoke particle material from scratch, with Blender’s shader editor and some node-trickery

Build up your Blender skills the right way

This course is simple, but don't be fooled: the skills that you'll learn will be your stepping stone to complex workflows. That's because this course covers tips from every single part of Blender. But don't worry, you'll be able to follow along even if you are new to 3D.

If you're new to Blender and want to learn a fun workflow with fast results and something to show off with at the end, this course is for you.

Get started right away with Project Files

All the files you need are in "Project Files". If you're a CG Cookie Citizen member, you can download these below this video. 

Looking for a challenge?

Cg Cookie often holds community challenges to take the Blender skills you've learned and apply them to a personal project. Check out our Space Station challenge on the community forum. While the dates may have passed, it's an excellent way to keep moving forward and apply what you've learned.

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3 Reviews
  • Brad Wheeler(brad-nbo) ·

    This was a great mini course for getting into animation and a some great modeling nuggets. It is very basic for modeling, great for beginners but I still learned some new techniques and good modeling workflow. I had fun through the whole instructions of making my first real animation. The instructor really simplified things for me which I was able to start using in my own projects which I had trouble with before. I made a model of the Jupiter 2 ship and was able to animate the landing gear. It was basic but it was a big step from where I was.

  • Mister Hermit(hermitesque) ·

    I'd bounced off blender several times before doing this particular course.  It's absolutely perfect as a starting point:
    * It doesn't spend long doing the same repetitive actions BUT it does give you a few goes to get things

    * It shows so many different aspects of blender BUT it doesn't overwhelm you
    * It's short BUT doesn't feel like you've drawn two circles and now have to draw the rest of the owl

    It so cleverly covers huge numbers of areas so you know where to go next if you want to focus on things.

  • w
    spencer wenzel(wenzel.spencer) ·
    This was my third blender project and went exactly according to the tutorial. The author of this tutorial does an excellent job at explaining. I found his workflow easy to follow. I liked how it covered a variety of topics including modelling, modifiers, animation, particles and a bonus video on materials. I completed it in Blender 3.2 and had no problems. I would recommend this for anyone just starting out, it kept my interest the entire time.