3D Printing Course Overview

Let's learn how to 3D Print with Blender and a Prusa Printer

Welcome to the course, I'm Port Nelson, your instructor. 👋

In this tutorial we'll cover how to install and customize Blender, explore its UI, and delve into key features and functions.

You'll learn to import, export, and clean up models for 3D printing, and understand scaling and measurement in Blender.

We'll also touch on Prusa Slicer, my preferred slicer for this course, though you're free to use any slicer.

You'll then learn to create three 3D-printed objects: a toy tank, a coaster from an intricate image, and a customized phone case, applying and building upon the skills learned earlier.

The course concludes with Chapter Four, where you'll undertake a project independently, using all the skills you've learned.

Don't worry; I'll provide a video of me completing the same assignment for guidance and inspiration.

I'm excited to accompany you on this learning journey. Thank you for joining me.


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