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Designing for Augmented Reality
The three main areas you should really hone in on for a smooth AR experience: Scale, Interaction, Purpose.
Sebastian Cavazzoli: "I spend my free time learning Blender"
Sebastian shares his Blender workflow and secrets to his charming renders that are quickly gaining him a social following.
RetopoFlow 2.0: Rebuilding a Blender Add-On From Scratch
RetopoFlow 2.0 is a redesign of the hugely popular retopology suite for Blender, which makes retopology artist-driven and intuitive like ...
Getting Past Creative Blocks
Found yourself staring at a blank screen with no idea where to begin your next Blender project, fearing you will “lose it” if you keep on...
Finding the Remote
After 10 years of running CG Cookie, do we have remote work all figure out? The answer is a resolute no. But we’ve learned a few crucial ...
Art is Not Free
Are you a choosy beggar? Or do you "sell" your art short? Don't make these mistakes and start charging for your work.
Isaac Souaci: "I am proud of my decision to use Blender"
"I recommend that every artist finds an experienced mentor," says Isaac Souaci who first learned Blender on YouTube and quickly realized ...
Pareto Principle for Artists
Ever wanted to do more in less time? Learn how the Pareto Principle can boost your creative learning!
Saying Goodbye to Brick and Mortar
Saying goodbye to the CG Cookie studio in Geneva, working as a remote team for the past 10 years.
12 Blender ArchViz Workflow Tips and Tricks
If you're working on an ArchViz project with a tight deadline and a demanding client, you need to master these essential tricks for an ef...
Starter Guide: Task Automation in Python (Demonstrated with Minecraft)
Even if you're not a coder (yet), learn how to automate tedious repetitive tasks in Blender using a little bit of Python code.
Learn from CG Cookie Classes Passively
Why Digital Artists Need to Use Reference Images
Why do digital artists use reference? It's an essential tool if you want to create realistic and believable 3D models or digital drawings.
Building a Simple Game in Unity
Discover the workflow behind building a simple game in Unity, from the idea through prototyping to building game assets in Blender.
How to Organize Your Blender Files, Marie Kondo Style
If your Blender files are a mess, it's time to do some organizing. Let's clean up once and for all and keep all your .blend files in thei...
Free Curriculum for Teaching Blender 3D at School
Download a free curriculum for teaching 3D modeling to beginner students. With a 30-hour lesson plan, the curriculum covers 3D creation i...
How to Give Useful Feedback on Digital Art
Critiquing digital art is not an easy task: do you know the basic feedback etiquette to educate and encourage, rather than annoy?
How to Survive a Negative Digital Art Critique
In digital art, like anywhere else, getting a negative critique is tough. Here is how to make the most of it, and why you should be open ...
Invite a Friend to CG Cookie, Get $10 for Both of You!
Refer a friend to CG Cookie and get $10 for both of you! Our new affiliate program is now live.
Top 5 Changes in Blender 2.8
Blender 2.8 is a game changer, from a new User Interface to EEVEE. Will you hit the ground running?
Why Grit Matters: Holly DePetrillo on Learning Blender Animation
For digital artists learning Blender animation, the biggest indicator of success is grit and determination. Holly DePetrillo is a CG Cook...