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Max Puliero: "I Use Blender Because It's Powerful, Not Because It's Free"
Max is a talented digital artist and Blender user with an impressive professional career. Max was gracious enough to answer some question...
The Cup You've Been Waiting For: CG Cookie Coffee is Here! (Well, almost)
We love coffee! But you already knew that. Now, you can enjoy a special CG Cookie roast "Midnight Realm" to take you to a place of a hype...
The KAY-9 Contest Critiques
With our first contest on the new site, we brought in a SLEW of new judges along with some returning ones to provide their feedback and c...
Your Personal Roadmap: Understanding where you are, knowing where you need to go.
Online learning personalize progress tracking from CG Cookie gives you the bird's eye view of what's currently on your plate. The progres...
Tim Going Independent
Interview With Tribeca Instructor Chris Tedin: How to Make it as a Digital Art Student
"I can see the potential in every student, but those who put in the long hours are always the ones who are able to achieve their goals."
Bit Depth & How Compression Affects Normal Maps
Image bit depth and compression play a huge role in how your normal maps look in any game or render engine. In this article I share my in...
Level Up Your Game Development
Learn about the stages of game development to keep focused and organized on building your next big hit game.
CG Cookie's Top (Not So) Secret Resources
Have some great resources online that you'd like to share? We do, these are our top 3 resources
Be wary of Burnout, take care of yourself and your team
Burnout is brutal, doesn't let it destroy you or your team. Take care of yourself, be honest with your team, and take steps to address it...
Price Change, Simplifying the Membership
Discovering Game Development
Feeling nostalgic about my journey to getting involved with game development and CGCookie
Nita Ravalji: "Digital Artists, Let The World Know You Are Here!"
Nita Ravalji is a Blender and concept artist who now operates her own animation studio.
CGCookie Live Events!
Incorporating Live Events into the CG Cookie educational offerings is a key step to evolving the way we teach. They open new doors for in...
Net Neutrality and CG Cookie
It's time to fight back against the repeal of net neutrality to keep a free and open internet
Introducing Classes
CG Cookie Classes provide a better way to learn computer graphics online. As a combination of pre-recorded courses, weekly livestreams, d...
The Best of CG Cookie: 2017 Edition
From intricate renders to gorgeous brushwork, these are just a few of our favorite gallery images from 2017.
Matthew Fricker: "Hitting rock bottom and bouncing back"
Matthew Fricker (Frikkr) is a CGCookie member that has held our attention for a long time due to his involvement with the community as we...
Create with CGCookie in 2018
Time to start the new year with CGCookie, create something amazing!
6 Tips for Learning Smarter, Not Harder
Our favorite tricks for hacking your learning so you can work smarter, not harder.
The Best of The Worst Characters: Awesome Villains
Evil characters are terrifying and fascinating at the same time.