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30 Things Every Unity Developer Should Know
Jonathan Gonzalez shares 30 essential tips he's learned over the years as a game dev.
Circle: An Award Winning Short Film Made With Blender
We talked to the director of "Circle", a short film that boasts stunning VFX made with Blender.
Building an FPS #3: While It's Fresh
Our new first person shooter game is well underway with new features and many a lesson learned.
Pierrick Picaut: "Blender Pays My Bills!"
Pierrick Picaut shares words of wisdom on how to turn a passion for Blender into a freelance career.
Maximizing Your Unity Game's Performance
Essential tips to make sure your game runs smoothly and its performance is optimized.
Workflow Tips from Pierrick Picaut: Creating a Stylized Blender Character
Blender Basics Hits 1,000,000 Views!
This is the story of Blender Basics, our most popular beginner Blender course of all time.
Animation Critique with Wayne Dixon
Learning 3D through various Blender versions
Normal vs. Displacement Mapping & Why Games Use Normals
Making a Short Film in Blender: Spring Cleaning
A behind-the-scenes look at the creation process of Spring Cleaning, a short film made in Blender.
A New Version of CG Cookie is Coming Soon
A new version of CG Cookie (the sixth one!) will drop this summer. This is what you can look forward to.
"I Did a Dance-Off With a Robot!"
Florian Genal aka Flojo challenges our rivet character to a dance-off. Awesomeness ensues.
Importing and Exporting Game Assets
Building an FPS #4: Catching a Second Wind
Our first person shooter "The Range" is in production after a creative lull. Here is what we learned from it (and what we're working on n...
Welcome to the new CG Cookie!
Making Games is more fun than making Movies
Games or movies - which should I pursue as a digital artist? Why not both? I started with movies but recently transitioned to games and I...
Sci-Fi Helmet Showcase
Celebrating the amazing student work from CG Cookie members who watched the Sci-Fi Helmet Blender courses.
"I Don't Have Time to Learn Blender!" Yes, you do.
From your personal "why" to the X Effect, here are a few tried-and-tested tricks to get you creating, consistently.
8 Reasons to Love the New Blender 2.79
Blender 2.79 is here and these are the new features you can enjoy.
Joaquin Kierbel: "I don't want to be another formula copycat"
Joaquin's first workflow was "Texture>UV->3D". Years later, he came across Blender through a Google search. Today, he is creating true Bl...