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CG Cookie and Escena Escuela de Animación
"PBR" in Blender's Viewport
Teaching 3D Modeling to Children
Visiting the Harold Washington Library
Improve Your Art by Forming New Habits
A Transcendental Learning Experience: Cartoon Animation at MUM
A Transformer in the UK
Welcome to CG Cookie Five
Getting Started in Game Design: Expert Tips from Mike Rossi
We sat down with Mike Rossi, a CG Cookie tutorial author and Interface Technical Artist at Deep Silver Volition to talk about his experie...
Cosmos Laundromat: Interview with Director Mathieu Auvray
<i>Just weeks away from the premiere of Cosmos Laundromat, the project director Maitheu Auvray talked to us about how he dealt with cutti...
The Transformer Has Landed!
The transformer has landed!
Interview with Chris McFall: Part One
Chris McFall from United Filmdom talks about the common pitfalls of setting up your own creative business and how he bounced back after a...
The Story of Baker, CG Cookie Mascot
Meet Baker, the CG Cookie Mascot. From his creation in 2011, Baker has been a part of the CG Cookie crew and brings us daily joy with his...
Interview with Chris McFall: Part Two
Learn about Cash Flow and always read the fine print on contracts. More great advice for freelancers from Chris McFall.
Summer 2015 2D Art Contest!
Do you Compare Yourself With Other Artists?
Do you suffer from comparison anxiety? You are not alone. Learn how to turn the feeling around and use it to your advantage.
The 2D CG Cookie SUMMER 2015 Contest Results!
Creating CG Cookie Tutorials
What does it take to create CG Cookie tutorials? Our author team reveals their behind-the-scenes process.
"Artists Need to Make Sure Their Work is Seen"
How should you promote your work and why? We asked an industry insider Jessica Tung Chi Lee about building your brand and landing a dream...
3 month flashback: did you miss any new training?
Are you on top of your learning goals? Here is the latest content from CG Cookie, all in one place to help you make sure you didn't miss ...
Coding the Cookie: How Your Favorite Learning Site Is Built
How do we build the site that is CG Cookie? It takes three magical ingredients: communication, code and coffee.