Creating Detailed Voxel Art in Blender 2.8

In Blender, stacking blocks is a serious art form! Luckily we'll have you going from voxel beginner to master in this Blender course.

What is a voxel? A voxel is just like a pixel but with three dimensions instead of two, and building scenes with them results in a really fun style that has been made popular by things like Lego and Minecraft.

This blender tutorial series will show you how to make the most of that style by speeding up your snapping, converting meshes with the remesh modifier, and adding extra pixel detail on your Blender material through the use of a shader.

Create stunning voxel dioramas from your own Blender models as well as those included in this course. You'll learn the best voxel workflow tips as you convert these meshes from their original form into stylized voxel art.

Check out this introductory video to learn more.

The downloads for this course also includes an addon that will remesh your objects for you, while preserving their textures. The Cheetah example file from BlenderBoy55 can be found here, and the dinosaur file from Animaniac888 can be found here, as well as in the source file downloads. 

Keep your Blender 3D mesh textures and adapt your voxel size to make them stand out.

Learn Blender voxel skills with simple examples and work towards mastering more complex voxel objects with CG textures. You can even make these models for 3D printing.


Jonathan Lampel

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