Creating Clouds with Blender 2.8 and Eevee

In this Blender course learn how to create realistic clouds with Blender 2.8 and the Eevee render engine. Discover the power of Blender's Shader Editor for generating volumetric clouds.

Take to the Skies with Blender and Eevee

Clouds are a great example of volumetric shapes. They're gaseous which means they can't realistically be modeled with polygons. Instead they're entirely generated with shader nodes.

Even though volumes require notoriously long render times with Cycles, Eevee makes volume rendering practical. Thanks to Blender’s cutting edge Eevee render engine we can generate, tweak, and perfect cloud volumes in basically real time. 

In these 8 lessons you will learn:


We'll start simple by building an uncomplicated  cloud volume based on two noise textures. Then we’ll increase the complexity with a detailed cumulus cloud, followed by cirrus clouds, and eventually building up a complete cloudscape.


In the latter half of the course, we will transform the lighting into a sunset and explore how to animate our clouds. Focusing on a time lapse first and finishing with a fly-through. Moving the camera through the clouds reveals a nasty render artifact that I’ll show you how to fix.

Finally we'll do a quick comparison of Eevee clouds VS Cycles clouds.

By the end of this course you will be prepared to take to the skies and generate clouds of all shapes and sizes!

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