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Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp

In this beginner Blender training course, you'll learn a slew of mesh editing and selection tools, as well as how to use them to create good topology. By the end of these tutorials, you should be able to model anything that you set your mind to.

Learning 3D modeling in Blender is no easy task

When I first started there were two big walls that I hit on my way to being able to create whatever I wanted. The first was just getting used to 3D in the first place, but if you’ve followed along with our Intro to Blender learning flow, then you’re already past that point. 

Going beyond just knowing which buttons to push

I got to the point where I could comfortably push vertices around and use the basic tools, but that’s exactly when I hit the second wall. I could model, but I couldn’t model well. I got the concepts, but when I tried things out on my own, they didn’t quite turn out how I had imagined. If that sounds like you, welcome to the club.

Let's jump right in: these are the must-know modeling techniques

It took me years of messing up, digging through forums, and watching countless hours of Blender tutorial videos before I slowly improved. But once I understood good topology, it was like a lightbulb went off in my brain, and modeling things well started to come a bit more naturally. 

In the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp, I’ll cut out all the unnecessary in-between fluff that I dug through and show you the core things that helped me progress the most. 

With 35+ lessons, multiple quizzes and peer-reviewed exercises, this workshop-style course is what I wish I had when I was starting out. 

What you'll learn

We’ll cover Blender modeling and selection tools, but even more than that - you’ll learn all about topology: what makes a good model, and how to use edge loops, poles, all quad junctions, and all of that fun stuff. 

There are 5 project-based sections of the course as well, that are designed to help you cement all those abstract concepts in a practical way. My hope is that by the end, you’ll be able to model anything that you set your mind to. 

Behind every great model, there is great topology

While clever lighting and texturing may be quick ways to get your renders looking better initially, there’s no way to hit that next level of skill without a good understanding of topology, because modeling is the foundation of everything that you make. So if you’re up for the challenge and ready to up your game, get started with the Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp.


Jonathan Lampel

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    I love how rich the course is. What I've learned the most is the good habits and principles of modeling. Love Jonathan's instructions as always!

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