Scattershot - Procedural Image Scattering Addon

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You gave me this addon:

Scattershot - Procedural Image Scattering Addon

and a video that comes with it. I am very surprised that it is for beginner. 

The last video of the series is very complex and makes me having an headache. 

Do I have to learn all this? I'm lost. If yes, than I will learn.

I thought the addon was to simplify things but there is no such tutorial as to how to use it here, or on youtube. 

I learned a little how to make grass, I followed your course. There was some random value in it and it was interesting. But the last video is intimidating. 

Is there any video to learn hot to use the addon? 

If not, is there a kind of shortcut to learn how to make a texture not repeat itself? 

If nothing exist on that subject, I have no choice but to follow this course above and get through it.


  • Jonathan Lampel replied

    Hey Max, you definitely don't have to follow that last video as a beginner! You can just use the addon and skip all the setup, and it's made so that you don't have to worry about what's under the hood. I'll make a more concise tutorial for the addon as soon as I update it with new features. 

    Is there any part of using the addon that you're struggling with in particular? You can read about what all of the options do here

  • maxcady replied


    I'm so motivated, that I was about to study all that!!

    I didn't quite understand that it wasn't for beginner. The course is for beginner. You should change it as it leads to confusion. I kinda understand but it's too much information to process. 

    I am very impressed by your skills. I understood the grass random texture part in the course that I followed from you though. But the scattershot was too much for me. 

    thx for your time.