My entry for the Artstation Challenge Final

Here are all 3 props from my entry of the Artstation Challenge "Untamed: When Animals Ruled the World". You can see the full process here: Original concept art is from Adam Forange Törn:
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  • It looks amazing! The style is fantastic!

  • Based on my observation upon our nature, the color of the back side of the leaf is different from the color of the front side. Usually, the back side is white-green, and the front side is darker green. Moreover, under sunlight, the back side has more diffuse reflection so that the back side appears rougher and dull; whereas the front side has more specular reflection, so that the front side appears shinning and smooth. In comparison, on your artwork, when the light from the right hits on your leaf, it does not show that the surface of the front side is shiner and smoother than the back side, and consequently I feel the whole leaf is more like a thick and large piece of plastic, rather than an organic piece. This is just my opinion. :D

  • Hi nnaiad I think you are right, some large leaf references have some veins and more details. I choose to simplify it to get a toon effect.

  • Those 4 wheels look great! Yet, it could be difficult to make the large leaf look right. Maybe the material or the veins on the leaf need improvement. What I said is based on the comparison from the google images of "large leaf" from webs.

  • Wow, the level of detail here is amazing. So cool!

  • Wow, love it!!! The choice of colors have really been integrated well. Great work!!!