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Blender for Home Improvement
Renovation and carpentry are on-going hobbies of mine. This may not surprise many of you given my fondness for 3D modeling. I love to bui...
CG Cookie Missed SIGGRAPH This Year, So We Made a Video
“No tacos, beer chats or thick-as-oil hot chocolate this year,” I thought sadly as I cancelled our SIGGRAPH hotel reservations. The reali...
Ongoing Server and Database Challenges
Find Inspiration and Boost Your Visual Library (5 Tips)
Whether you’re stuck before you’ve even started or struggling to find inspiration halfway through your piece, here is what works to get y...
“Forced to Stay”: Students Develop a Game in Unity & Blender
"Should I Go to Art School?"
The computer graphics (CG) industry isn’t the same as the medical industry or practicing law where a degree is just a requirement to get ...
Introducing Wayne Dixon!
We are thrilled to present Wayne Dixon - our newest CG Cookie instructor! Wayne is a gifted animator and teacher who is focusing on our B...
First-time game devs share their journey (...and what they will do differently next time)
Big Idea: Blender Render VS Cycles
ESCENA Animation Studio: The Making of a Blender Teaser
Meet the animation studio that is working on a teaser for a feature film made with Blender - while transforming the animation education s...
Announcing: "Portalethium"
Turning Disappointment into Creative Fuel
CG Cookie Gallery: Best of 2016
Some of our favorite gallery images from 2016, selected and critiqued by our crew.
"CG Cookie Changed My Life!"
From being broke to setting up her own home studio, this is the story of Ella Kingstone.
The Best Free CG Cookie Content You Didn't Know Existed
No CG Cookie PRO account? No worries. Some of our most popular resources are free.
Turning Drawings into 3D Models
Omar Domenech shares his story of turning 4-year-olds' drawings into 3D models.
Introducing The SculptBox
The story of SculptBox, our all-in-one clay sculpting starter kit.
Building an FPS #1: Getting Started
We're building a first person shooter game! It's called "The Range" and this is what it's all about.
Top Tips for Beginner Clay Sculptors
3dtotal have shared 10 top tips by seasoned sculptors to help point you in the right direction before you roll up your sleeves and get yo...
How I Got My Blender Model into a Science Journal
"Getting clients is easier than you think even if you have just basic skills", says Steven Rusell. He might be onto something.
Building an FPS #2: Assets & Mechanics
As our first person shooter "The Range" continues to come together, we are thinking of all the lessons learned.