Looking for some Halloween themed Blender tutorials? 🎃

Oct 22nd 2022

According to Wikipedia, Halloween is celebrated in numerous countries and in its simplest definition could be defined as, "The day we remember the dead". A holiday celebrated around the world, online, and certainly in the Blender community.

October, or rather Halloween is a favorite amongst Blender artists to celebrate; dressing up as our favorite characters, 3D printing our costumes, and flooding the internet with themed renders. 

If you're looking for some inspiration, or Blender tutorials to dive into this Halloween, here are a few to munch on. 🍪

First, a couple of free tutorials now streaming on our Blender Youtube Channel

Learn how to make a jack-o-lantern costume in Blender, a.k.a carved pumpkin! 

In this free Blender workflow, we're modeling a Halloween costume for CG Cookie's mascot, the Melvin monster! 

This is an episode of CG Cookie's show "Let's Build it in Blender", great for beginners who want to master useful Blender workflows. 


How to Make Spider Webs in Blender with Geometry Nodes

Use Blender geometry nodes to create procedural spider webs: in this deep dive, you will learn the power of procedural modeling systems in Blender.

under the hood to understand the math behind nodes and learn some great recipes for your own projects.

Learn how to build a witches hat in Blender

Let's build ourselves a mage's hat! We will cover basic shape creation in Blender for the base of our hat, and then get familiar with the new cloth sculpting features that Blender has to offer to create convincing, realistic cloth folds for almost no effort!

Here are a few hand-picked Blender tutorials from our CG Cookie Citizen Library.

Already a member dive in, interested grab your Citizen Membership here. Not into subscriptions, these courses are also available for individual purchase on the Blender Market.


Creating an Animated Spooky Spider in Blender 3D [Citizen]

For this mini Blender tutorial series, we will create a stylized spider and web, rig, and animate the spider, taking advantage of the wiggle bones add-on

🍪 View on tutorial on CG Cookie | View on Blender Market


Rendering and finishing a Blender Animation [Citizen]

🍪 View tutorial on CG Cookie 

Learn Kent's workflow for rendering an animated shot with Blender. While it's a lot of work to get the animation itself finished, it's also a lot of work to get that animation rendered. This course includes modeling, texturing, material creation, lighting, rendering, compositing, video, and sound editing.


ASTRAY: Epic Environment Creation in Blender 3D [Citizen]

🍪 View tutorial on CG Cookie | View on Blender Market

In this Blender course, you will transform concept art into a Blender 3d environment. From making your own natural assets to the final lighting, learn the full workflow behind environments that tell haunting stories.

Create a VFX shot in Blender: Alien Abduction [Citizen]

In this Blender course, we’re going to explore multiple tools in Blender to create an entire VFX shot from start to finish. 

These videos are focused on the goal of improving your knowledge of Blender’s VFX capabilities, so you can use it as a launching pad to create your own epic shots.

Although we are working step-by-step on one shot, this effect is meant to be totally customizable so you can tweak the settings and make an entirely different result.

🍪View tutorial on CG Cookie | View on Blender Market


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Wes Burke

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