Cg Cookie Education Demo Reel 2013

Feb 14th 2013

Education Production

A typical week at Cg Cookie involves research and development into new education topics we are thinking of covering, or continued production on topics fully in development. This is the healthy engine which ensures there is a steady flow of fresh content released on the network of sites. Of course throughout the daily tasks there is general site support, business management, server maintenance, meetings, e-mails and the occasional trip to the water cooler. Though we tend not to look back on past tutorials, unless to answer a comment or offer support. This is a bummer right? What have these tutorials done to become used and forgotten about? :(

Why a demo reel?

Starting in 2013 CG Cookie is beginning to change this way thinking. We've started to catalog our entire education library of over 1200 videos, record the time, size, and categories. You would think we would have been doing this all along, but ehhh... lets move on. Taking this catalog knowledge with us into the design decisions of the new Cg Cookie 4.0 site. Our goal is to have the past education accessible and apparent as long as it is relevant. Currently if a tutorial falls off the front page goes to that dark place, where it is hard to find, or difficult to for a new user to ever know it was there. We aim to change this!!

Found some goodies

During this process of the crew becoming re-exposed to past education, it was inspiring to see the amount of training material CG Cookie has created, and quite a few  "Oh, man remember that one!!" could be heard or read through our Skype chats. ;) So we decided to take on creating CG Cookie's first education demo reel to give a highlight reel almost of past education. As a studio we do take on actual studio production work, but felt it was important that this include only education results from tutorials, training series or Citizen courses. So enough of me blabbing on and on about these little buggers..  hope you enjoy the reel!  

Tutorials Featured on this Reel:

Blender Concept 3D Studio Max
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