Announcement: New CG Cookie Crew Member - Kent Trammell!

Jan 30th 2013

Welcome Kent Trammell To The Team

CG Cookie is very excited to announce Kent Trammell will be joining the full-time CG Cookie crew this Friday! Kent was successfully tricked...I mean asked to join us and he accepted.

Who is Kent?

Kent is a great artist from Dallas Texas, where it is warm and they have great BBQ sauce. He has a degree in computer animation from Full Sail University. His first industry position was a 3D generalist for MAKE, where he worked on several commercials and spec spots. Later heĀ transitioned to Reel FX and worked on projects like the Ice Age Christmas special, Chuck E CheeseĀ re-brandingĀ commercials, and Reel FXā€™s first upcoming feature film Turkeysā€™. You can check out more of his work at

KentTrammell many people work at CG Cookie now?

The official count of full-time artists has reached 4. This means thereā€™s four of us staring at computers all day keeping the ovens going. This means we could now hold up a large tableĀ evening, or start up a polka band. But in reality it means you have 4 artists pushing the software to create solid education to enable you to make money or have fun with CG. ;) Ā  zombie

Goals we are striving to achieve:

  • Increase tutorial development and quality
  • Offer additional Blender support and tool development
  • Adding additional humor to the team's daily Skype chat

What does this mean for the CG Cookie and Blender Community?

With the humbling support of this community, CG Cookie is able to bring on Kent full time as a content creator for the site and studio. Kent will be working closely with Jonathan to push Blender productions, create tools, and produce some amazing training. Kent will also be assisting in day to day studio production and contributing to our upcoming unannounced passion project. Ā  running Ā 
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