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Understanding Blender Data

Learn how Blender handles assets and data, so you can import, export, and texture with ease! We'll also explore what data blocks are, and how they can help you to work more efficiently.

Manage your assets

Understanding how Blender handles assets and data is fundamental to working efficiently! In this course, we will cover:

Importing Models

Blender is amazing, but sometimes it's easier to take a model from another program and bring it into Blender for animation or rendering.

Exporting Models

Whether you're posting your beautiful creation to the universe via the internet, 3D printing it, or just transferring it to another program, you'll have to know how to export.

Data Blocks

Find out what these mysterious blocks are that build up a scene, and how they relate to a car named Bruce.

Saving Textures

Losing a couple hours of work is a pain in the asset, so saving textures while texture painting is absolutely critical to keeping your sanity.

Share your projects

Finally, learn how to pack your textures so that they can easily be transferred with your file to any other computer and still load correctly.


Jonathan Lampel
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