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Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting in Blender

Digital Sculpting in Blender is an alternative method of mesh manipulation that aims to be more artistically intuitive. It emulates traditional sculpting tools in the form of "brushes" and can even function as an "unlimited clay" approach to shape building. If you're artistic and you like to build organic models, I highly recommend you try these digital sculpting tutorials with Blender!

What is digital sculpting anyway?

Digital sculpting is a method of 3D modeling that tries to emulate the traditional sculpting approach - as in forming clay with your hands and various tools. When compared to the other methods of 3D modeling in Blender, namely mesh modeling, digital sculpting in Blender offers an artistic and intuitive approach instead of the often unintuitive and clunky pushing and pulling of vertices.

What you will learn in Blender:

This course is about introducing you to digital sculpting with Blender. In the first chapter you will get an overview of Sculpt Mode and it's settings/features including brushes, stroke methods, curve falloff, and brush textures (stamps/stencils). Blender has a lot of sculpting features - it's good to be aware of them!  Chapter 2 covers digital sculpting "mediums" which are similar to the variety of clays that can be sculpted traditionally. Blender supports 2 mediums: Multi-resolution and Dynamic Topology. Each have their pros and cons and uses depending on the sculpting situation. In the last chapter we'll finish with a workflow demonstration of sculpting a simple character:  One of the CGC mascots, Melvin! The chapter concludes with an exercise for you to practice and apply what you've learned in the course. CC Music: "Therapy Session" by Robbero


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