'M' for moving bones to collection

posted to: Basic FK Chain

An easier and quicker way to move the copied bones over to the CTRL collection would be by pressing 'M' with the bones selected in edit mode and choose the collection you want them to be placed in. A tip for the lazy rigger.

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  • Wayne Dixon replied

    Yep - I think I mention that later.
    Why did I not mention it in this tutorial?.........um, I'd like to say there was a good reason...

    but there isn't.

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  • Markus Berg(thebergh) replied

    At least this is how I see it: the video lessons are for learning the ins and outs, and the comment section is for questions and for posting other stuff like tips and tricks to enhance what we've already learned. So in this way, it was right for you to show in detailed way how to go about moving the bones in a more manual way. :)

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