Preferences for texture websites? Free/Subscription based


Per the title - does anyone have any websites they go to frequently for getting textures? I'm open to suggestions for free or subscription based platforms.


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  • Blaine Jensen(Theebline) replied

    Poly haven is my go to

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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    HI Harris,

    The Fundamentals of Texturing has a whole chapter dedicated to this: 

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    There's two that I go to, Polyhaven as Blaine said and the one the donut guy has:

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  • Harris Clook(Yeehawcowboyletsgo) replied
    Cheers everyone! Martin that's a great source - I did't get up to that video in the Texturing Fundamentals. My comp died at the start of the year and I had to send it away to be fixed, when I got it back I got carried away and jumped into the pothead course. I've had quite a good time doing the unwrapping and texturing processes lately (even if I did leave orphaned faces without material moms) so I'll set a reminder that I need to go back and finish the course off when I complete pothead. Cheers!
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  • Dwayne Savage(dillenbata3) replied

    I personnally really like for already created materials. Just make sure to pay attention to the license. It also can take time to find materials and you may have to update them, because they were created on older version of Blender. 

    Blender Kit uses an addon to acces it's materials and other assets. It also has a mix of free(Free plan) and subscription(Paided plan) assets. Also license are RF(Royalty Free) and CC0. RF works like Texture Labs' license. Is a repository of CC0 textures for Substance painter, but you can download the PNGs or JPGs to use in blender. Currently only their patreon supporters have access to the their Blender addon. Note:This use to be Is good, but there are restrictions. For example you can use all renders that you create using their texture however you want, but you can't sell a blend file with the texture in it. Basically you can sale or redistribute the textures directly or indirectly(Selling a blend file for example). is good as long as you don't use them commercially. If you want to use them commercially it's a one time $16 USD.

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