@17:19 zooming into island in image editor - has this been added into modern Blender?

Per the title, I've been playing Where's Wally and have tried button mashing like a street fighter arcade machine to find the smaller islands but nothing happens so I'm assuming it hasn't? Totally fine w/ switching between UV editor and back again, just thought I'd ask!

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  • Martin Bergwerf replied


    I'm afraid that still can't be done.

    (If this is something you'd be doing a lot, I expect it would be fairly simple to write a small Python script that does it for you...and even turn it into an Addon.)

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  • Dwayne Savage(dillenbata3) replied

    Just use the hotkey shift+F10. This toggles between Image editor and UV editor. You can also goto preferences(F4 or edit menu->Preferences. In 4.x ctrl+comma) Click navigation on the left. Then under Zoom panel check zoom to mouse positon. This way when you zoom(Mouse wheel, Ctrl+Middle mouse button) it will zoom based on where the mouse cursor is. Also don't forget about Fractional zoom. Numpad is 1:1. Ctrl+Numpad 2/4/8. This uses the center of the view. Hope that helps. 

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  • Omar Domenech replied
    What I do is in the 3D select the faces that comprise the UV island, then with my mouse on the other editor just select it all with A and then period in the numpad to zoom right to it. But yeah, still have to change between image and UV editors. 
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