Mean Bevel Weight @ 9.10 Aswell lol

Hello! I followed the steps on the other person who had the same issue, checked normals, applied scale, merged vertices by distance etc.

My bevelling isnt showing up on the back and as soon as I apply any weight the cartridge ridges it seems to mess up my bevelling on the buttons on the front even though they are 100% not selected when changing the weight.

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  • Jarryd Wiltshire(False) replied

    Also adding just using the normal Bevel tool it seems to shape normally so I think the mesh is okay.

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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Make sure you are setting the bevel weight under edges data not vertex data:

    Can you share images (in edit mode) of the issue including the bevel modifier and settings.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yes a couple of screenshots would help to see what's going on. Show us what you are doing so we can see where the issue may be.

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  • Christian Val(cvalley_art) replied

    oh cool, thanks for this. So, hm, ya just doing a non-modifier bevel works somewhat better but not perfect either. For me I'm going to leave it un-beveled and move on, but I am curious for the solution if it comes up