Inside head texture showing as yellow in solid view

For some reason the inside of my head is looking yellow in solid view but fine in rendered view, any ideas why? Also when I switch back to Layout mode, everything looks great in rendered view, but as soon as I switch to solid view I also get the yellow interior head, my texture vanishes and I just have a solid silver body and equally the image textures I have used on other objects like the plasters to give a realistic feel turn to solid red. Again is there a reason for this or is it explained later in the tutorial? Many thanks in advance.
  • Paul Whidborne(Umbrinox) replied

    024-04-23 225451.png

  • Paul Whidborne(Umbrinox) replied

    024-04-23 230241.png024-04-23 230311.png

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Surely it must be that that material has its viewport display property set to a yellow color. Check and see, hopefully that is it:


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  • Paul Whidborne(Umbrinox) replied

    Thanks Omar, it was that, not had a computer for 6 months so haven't been able to do anything, feels like I am starting all over again :(  

    Is there a way to make the viewport display show the same colours or guessing I just have to go into rendered view or texture paint to look at it that way and aim for a close representation in the viewport display?  This is the first time I've ever textured properly like this other than the start project so feels like there is a lot to learn.

    Thank you again

  • Omar Domenech replied

    You mean for the viewport to show the same colors all over even if the material has different color set to them? I think that is what you are asking? Here you have different ways to set the viewport:


    You can set it to show your materials, per object color, your textures, single color, random colors etc.

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  • Paul Whidborne(Umbrinox) replied

    Thanks Omar, 

    Slowly working it all out again and getting some nice results.

    Thank you for all the help 

    024-04-25 224258.png

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