Bevel Edges Back to Straight Edges

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What is the process for switching back to straight edges after I bevel the edges (and ran out of undo steps)?

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    You would basically have to remodel it. One tricky way would be, if you double tap G you go into edge slide mode, and then if you hit C you get an extension of the slide and that way you can get the beveled vertices back to where they meet up.

    Also there is an addon that has a lot of useful tools to unmake this kind of bevel and other things. It's called Mesh Machine, linking you up:

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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    There are several ways to remove do this,

    Edge slide as Omar said is one, but also snapping helps. If you have an object like a cube, you can use vertex snapping to line up the vertices to restore the correct shape, obviously wont work always.

    Top Tip: Save often, Save Incrementally.

    Did you know you can increase the number of undo steps?

    The default is 32, the max is 256.


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  • Dwayne Savage(dillenbata3) replied

    You can select the edges of the bevel that you want to remove and use dissolve edges. Note: if you're in edge select mode you can use Ctrl+x instead of pressing X and clicking dissolve edges.