This session is the best yet!

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Not a question, just a side note: this session is awesome (and I haven't even gone through the exercise yet). So many good tips all around on workflows, booleans, what to sacrifice and for what... I also absolutely love that Kent doesn't backtrack and re-record any bits because of little snags like the overlaid edges on the booleans. It honestly teaches us much more like: we all make those mistakes and here's how to go about troubleshooting.

The mind-blowing tip for me was the fact that you can move back to a different file and simply copy and paste something to a future file! 🤯 So useful!

Anyway... just wanted to give Kudos. This series is awesome, this session was a cherry on top, and I do hope you keep adding more in the future 🤞

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yeah Blender is full of small useful tricks here and there. You can be practicing Blender for a decade and it will surprise you very often. Keep it awesome Nat 🤘

  • Kent Trammell replied

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this nathitappan! I'm logging this into my personal happy file for the rainy days :)

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