Project for using Android tablet as a wacom (intuos) device

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Hi all! I just finished developing a small project that allows to route the pen/stylus data from any pen-enabled Android device to a Linux host pc with a focus on low-latency for the best drawing experience. 

I was motivated by the HUMAN tutorial here on CGCookie, wanting to hand draw my texture maps and having a pen enabled Onyx Boox Note Air 2 just teasing me a few inch away. The Android+Linux the solutions I found thus far had numerous issues that would make them unusable for such use-case (high latency, high pressure sensitivity such that it is impossible to move the pen-cursor without triggering a draw, etc.) and this is why I decided to write my own.

The app still is in early beta stage but I would really appreciate to get feedback from would-be early adopters, especially from an art-driven community like the current one. The project can be found at: 

It is free to use (under a GPL V3 license) and should be easy to install on many linux distributions - this is an aspect I'm quite eager to test out. 

Thank you so much if you're willing to experiment with it; in hope some of you can find it useful. Cheers!

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Also post it on Discord if you haven't already. 

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