Office Hours - Kent's Office - Tuesday, May 23rd, 1 pm (US Eastern Time)

Kent Trammell

Greetings Citizen Members! I will be opening my office via Discord on Tuesday, May 23rd, at 1 pm US Eastern Time. That translates to:

  • 10am Los Angeles time
  • 6pm London time
  • 9pm Dubai time
  • 3am Sydney time (ouch)

It's hard to pick a time that works for everyone, but I'll also record the session for anyone that can't make it live.

Have a question for me?

Ask me anything you'd like related to Blender, CG Cookie, my courses, troubleshooting a project issue, etc! If your question involves a project you're working on, please provide a download link so I can take a closer look.

The best way to do this is by uploading your .blend to Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, or equivalent file hosting service then copy + paste the share link here. If your project involves image textures please pack your .blend before saving and uploading by going to File > External Data > Automatically pack resources:


NOTE: Active CG Cookie members get first priority, but we're happy to help out anyone. For more information about Office Hours, check out Amber's recent blog post.

Video Recording

  • Artur (AutopsyGuy) replied

    Hello Kent,

    could you please help me resolve this issue:

    Waiting for your answer :)

  • Kent Trammell replied

    AutopsyGuy I've spent some significant time troubleshooting your .blend and can't figure out a good solution. The worst part about the exploding verts bug is that the high polycounts make every step excruciatingly slow.

    I will give it another attempt for office hours but I can't make any promises 🤞

  • Artur (AutopsyGuy) replied

    @theluthier Really apperciate your efforts. I've spent last few weekends trying to fix the issue myself.
    As you can see in the first picture I desperately tried to fix the mesh by deleting the area where the vertecies got "totally lost" and ultimately connected them together to get a clean shape again. 


    Yeah, it felt like cleaning the floor with a toothbrush.. 


    ...but it looks fine now. Couldn't find an more elegant solution. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Now the worst part is that I have to do the retopology all over again.

    Anyway can't wait for the office hours session tomorrow. Wish you the best and sorry for all the trouble.

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  • ewan thorpe(et202) replied

    Hi kent im having trouble knowing what i could change to my sculpt to take it to that next level of greatness.

    Any suggestions are much appreciated 

    I will be unable to make it to the office hours so if you can record it would be great :) 

    here is the blend file

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