Office Hours - Kent's Office - Tuesday, April 18, 1 pm (US Eastern Time)

Kent Trammell

Greetings Citizen Members! I will be opening my office via Discord on Tuesday, April 18th, at 1 pm US Eastern Time. That translates to:

  • 10am Los Angeles time
  • 6pm London time
  • 9pm Dubai time
  • 3am Sydney time (ouch)

It's hard to pick a time that works for everyone, but I'll also record the session for anyone that can't make it live. Assuming I don't forget again 🤦‍♂️

Have a question for me?

Ask me anything you'd like related to Blender, CG Cookie, my courses, troubleshooting a project issue, etc! If your question involves a project you're working on, please provide a download link so I can take a closer look.

The best way to do this is by uploading your .blend to Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, or equivalent file hosting service then copy + paste the share link here. If your project involves image textures please pack your .blend before saving and uploading by going to File > External Data > Automatically pack resources:

NOTE: Active CG Cookie members get first priority, but we're happy to help out anyone. For more information about Office Hours, check out Amber's recent blog post.

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  • mastart replied

    Hallo Kent

    I hope you can help me with the Asset Browser on v3.5. I am starting to understand it... but I still have issues with understanding the differences between Link, Append, Append (Reuse Data)

    And how could I make my Asset Browser available in a "cloud" so I could share it with other people? I do have a Synology NAS and I sync my datas with a drive client. Do  you have any experience with that?

    I think Asset Browser is about a to become a big thing in Blender.

    thank you and I hope you have the time to answer this. I set a reminder to attempt you office Hour.



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  • sheila5 replied

    My question that I already asked on discord was about the export of the cubicity city. I've exported it as glb (gltf) because I want to use it in a three.js file, but the blender procedural textures don't get exported, only the color information. So no brick texture is shown or emissions etc. So I wonder if we could bake the materials to textures and how to do that the best way, each item one by one or the city in totality with the light also baked in? 

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  • sheila5 replied

    another question is about the first part of the new sessions course. If I want the stars only to be clearly visible in a certain part of the picture and not in others. And I don't want to get weird artifacts on the planet and rings. How to do that?

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  • Kent Trammell replied

    sheila5 Can you post a screenshot of the weird ring artifacts you're seeing?

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  • sheila5 replied

    Will do later this evening 

  • sheila5 replied

    what i wanted was seeing more stars near the top and not where I put the elipse mask (at the bottom). I tried that by changing add to subtract. But it gave me an reddish band around the 'orange'band.jpg

  • Kent Trammell replied

    sheila5 Could upload your .blend to dropbox / google drive / etc and post a download link for me? I'd like to use your file to answer your question

  • Onur Nidayi(fhyio123) replied

    Hello Mr.Kent,

    I have a question regarding the textured road intersection in Cubicity. My road looks a bit strange and the Mix Transfer mode does not seem to be having as good an effect as it does on the road you are working on. I have posted node setup here. What could I be doinbg wrong please? Thank you Sir  :)