Can't hide/disable shadows in Eevee

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It seems that I can't set an object to NOT cast a shadow in eevee. I have a current object that is transparent and should not be casting a shadow... and yet it is and I want to disable it. Any ideas?
  • b-rae replied

    I again have answered my own question. It seems to be a bug. If an object is set to holdout, it would appear as if you cannot control its shadows.

  • Omar Domenech replied

    One way I know is to set the shadow mode in the material to none:

    Shadow None.png

  • spikeyxxx replied

    Oh, I didn't know that bb-rae ,thanks!

    What you can do however, is give it a Holdout Material instead and set the Shadow Mode to None, like Omar showed:


    (I wonder if ChatGPT would come up with that...🤔 it probably will, because it sees my answer..I don't know)